Australia Day 2018

‘Australia Day Community Get together’, is a free public event of FOTCF, open to all to promote Harmony, Respect, Sharing real cultural values and Belonging to this land. Individuals are requested to bring a plate of Sweet, Savory or Salad to share it with others and promote SHARING & CARING.

FOTCF will organise the sausage sizzle for all volunteers, guests and school children. Please just simply advise us how many are coming for lunch and what you plan to bring for sharing? The Oakleigh Brass Band will entertain us on the day along with few others and Lantern Making Lessons.

This year four local primary schools children are taking part in this event by submitting, essay, painting and digital art work in various age groups, on subject, ‘Australia means to me’. All the guests will be requested to take part in ‘Walk for Humanity. Harmony and Hope’ during the event.

We received nearly hundred entries in various categories and judging of winners was a huge challenge for judging panel. Please come and join us to appreciate the work and encourage the thoughts and thinking of coming generations.

Please share this message with your friends.

FOTCF 2018 Australia Day Celebrations
Brickmakers Park Stamford Road, Oakleigh
Friday 26 Jan’18 11.30 AM to 3.30 PM

For catering purposes only ‘RSVP ——– By 20th January 2018.
WE need some Volunteers on the day to help, if you can, please Contact SHASHI on 0411415490


[Update] “Clean up the world Day” operation

IMG_1249 copy

The 2015 “Clean up the world day” on 19th September became our best clean up day of many years activity because of the Monash Youth Group involvement and then asking general public about the reasons for this increasing “Rubbish” in our neighbourhoods, parklands, beaches and other public places in spite of more education, advertising and publicity. Thanks to Bill Kendall and everyone else for helping and supporting this Clean up activity 2015.
Twelve of us met outside CLAYTON RAILWAY STATION on Carinish Road. After brief discussion on “Health and Safety” issues started our work around 10.15am and then stayed in the neighbourhood till 2.00pm. We collected twelve bags of general and recyclable rubbish along with few big items which we piled up in front of RSL club car park.

The most common answers came back to us from general public were;
1. Don’t feel belong to and don’t care
2. People are too lazy
3. Think this is normal way of disposing our rubbish when we don’t see a bin close by

This forced us to think and believe, that there is some thing drastically wrong in our system due to which we are in this kind of situation.
We thought that the education has to start from HOME and also at very early childhood stage.
Our leaders has to come more often in public and give the message of “BELONG TO AUSTRALIA”. They only don’t have to high light and tell people about their RIGHTS but have to show them what their “RESPONSIBILITIES” are in the community as a citizen of this country too.

At the end the day’s activity group decided to do more “Clean up Operations” and try to get the message across in the wider community that this is OUR COUNTRY and we have to look after it, maintain it for the sake of our “FUTURE GENERATIONS”.
We should aim to hand over this country to our coming generations in a better shape and condition than we inherited it.






FOTCF raises $19,980.00 to Royal Children Hospital’s Good Friday Appeal

Friday 18th of April was our 16th Annual “Good Friday Walk”. Despite some rain, the group kept on walking and made the distance in record time. As planned we left Clayton Railway Station at 9.00 am with thirty four registered walkers in the group destined for Melbourne Exhibition and Entertainment Centre, South Wharf.

20140418_142347 (1)

We reached our destination around 3.00 pm and presented our cheque of $19,980.00 around 4.30 pm live during the Channel 7 telecast. .

20140418_160405 (1)

We hope our final donation will reach close to $25,000.00 for 2014 RCH Good Friday Appeal which raised well above sixteen million dollars on that day due to the generosity of the general public.

20140418_111605 (1)

This year is very special for us as our numbers grew from only fifty volunteers to two hundred and fifty volunteers coming from all walks of life and with different faiths and beliefs. It was very encouraging to see a lot of young people participate in the event.

Another most amazing or best experience of the day was that most of the participants felt that this day or event is the best example of “Community Togetherness”. On this day everyone works together and for the same common cause “our Children our future”.

How good life will be if we show this spirit and enthusiasm every day for all the things in life?

Warm Regards,

Shashi Kant Kochhar (JP)
Friends of the Children Foundation


Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal Walk

RCH_Walk_Flyer D-28