Walk for Monash Children – Sunday, 1st March 2015

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Monash Children's Walk
Some Pictures from previous Monash Children’s Walk

Monash Children’s Week

Friends of the Children Volunteers
Friends of the Children Volunteers

Sausage Sizzle Update:

Dear All,

Please see below for updates regarding our latest sausage sizzles:

  • Bunnings Notting Hill: Saturday 21st June.
  • Bunnngs Notting Hill: Friday 19th  September.
  • Bunnings Notting Hill: Saturday 26th September.
  • Masters Clayton South: Sunday 27th September.

We hope to see you there! These sausage sizzles play an invaluable role in fundraising for our organisation. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Domestic Violence “FAITH & CULTURE “ Silence is not an answer

Dear Friends,

On 5/6/14 at 7 pm (to 9 pm), we (City of Monash Interfaith Gathering) are planning to present a forum onDomestic Violence from a multi-faith/multi-cultural perspective at the Clayton Theattrate next to the Library and in Swimming Pool complex.

Our current thinking is that we wish to take this project more on PRACTICAL  & HANDS ON lines than research or academic lines.  For this we plan to have 3-4 “introductory” speakers rather than a single ‘keynote’ speaker and then have open house on question and answers from public.  This final panel will be of perhaps 4-6 people.  The speakers will be from different faith groups but with the similar back ground of working with “Domestic Violence” affected individuals. We also plan to have a one or two individuals who went through this experience and now wish to share their stories or experiences with general public.

Our City of Monash Mayor Mr. Geoff Lake will be present for the forum or close the forum with a common statement from Council perspective. We will invite about 120 guests from different back grounds and experiences and they will be taking part in ‘Q&A’ session in the second half of the forum.

Please reserve your seat by contacting Monash Council contact details given on attached flyer. Hope to see you that night and please do circulate this flyer in your circle. Don’t hesitate in contacting me if you require any other information.



Final figures: Good Friday Appeal

The final figures for our involvement in The Good Friday Appeal are in:

Friends of the Children Foundation has raised $29,965.10 in the total of $16,846,396.09!


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FOTCF raises $19,980.00 to Royal Children Hospital’s Good Friday Appeal

Friday 18th of April was our 16th Annual “Good Friday Walk”. Despite some rain, the group kept on walking and made the distance in record time. As planned we left Clayton Railway Station at 9.00 am with thirty four registered walkers in the group destined for Melbourne Exhibition and Entertainment Centre, South Wharf.

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We reached our destination around 3.00 pm and presented our cheque of $19,980.00 around 4.30 pm live during the Channel 7 telecast. .

20140418_160405 (1)

We hope our final donation will reach close to $25,000.00 for 2014 RCH Good Friday Appeal which raised well above sixteen million dollars on that day due to the generosity of the general public.

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This year is very special for us as our numbers grew from only fifty volunteers to two hundred and fifty volunteers coming from all walks of life and with different faiths and beliefs. It was very encouraging to see a lot of young people participate in the event.

Another most amazing or best experience of the day was that most of the participants felt that this day or event is the best example of “Community Togetherness”. On this day everyone works together and for the same common cause “our Children our future”.

How good life will be if we show this spirit and enthusiasm every day for all the things in life?

Warm Regards,

Shashi Kant Kochhar (JP)
Friends of the Children Foundation


Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal Walk

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Monash Children’s Walk 2014 a huge success!

What a day it was on Sunday 2nd March for our 2nd Annual WALK FOR MONASH CHILDREN.

My sincere and humble thanks to the whole team because of which we raised the amount which no one even dreamed off. That day more than 450 individuals attended the event and we raised closed to $20,000 for Monash Children Parents Room Project and increased our total commitment to $25,000 for this project.


IMG 4434
I would like to acknowledge here that without the help of REWAL family help this success was almost unthinkable. Where Rewal family was biggest help the RATAN and ASHOK support held me together like two supporting pillars each side. Suvinder, Eshan and Vinod Patel also played there roles beautifully and contributed towards the success of this events which you can see now. Thanks to all those also who worked and supported the team without coming in the lime light or at front. Jasbir, please pass on my sincere thanks to Vinod also when you see him.

Because of this very success I am also of the view that we should raise our contribution towards KAMAL surgery overseas to $2500.00. May be this is all because of his and his family good wishes that we have touched this new heights in our efforts.

Thanks again for your support. Already we have started our work on “GOOD FRIDAY WALK” and intersection collection. Please spread the message around as we need few more VOLUNTEERS for walk and intersection collection and also few Senior people as Supervisors for our intersection collection sites.

Shashi Kochhar

Friends of the Children Foundation


Cheque presentation – Royal Children’s Hospital

Last month our founder Mr Shashi Kochhar had the pleasure of witnessing the amount of money the Good Friday appeal raised for the Royal Children’s Hospital. Held in the Ella Nathan Auditorium and hosted by John Deeks channel 7 presenter and long time supporter of Good Friday Appeal, the cheque presentation was a fantastic way to see how the hard work that we all put in is worth it!

Friends of the Children Foundation were delighted in able to raise $18,128.00 for the Royal Children’s Hospital!


Mr Shashi Kochhar with the cheque for the Royal Children's Hospital
Mr Shashi Kochhar with the cheque for the Royal Children’s Hospital
FOTCF donates $18,128.00 to Royal Children's Hospital
FOTCF donates $18,128.00 to Royal Children’s Hospital



Second quarter wrap up

Things at FOTCF head quarters have been very busy, we have spent our time analysing the results from our events and reconciling our fundraising dollars. In total through the hard work of our committee members, our sponsors, volunteers we have been able to raise a total of: 22,137.00 to our preferred charities.

In order to remain transparent, a breakdown of the way we raised funds has been provided below:

Dinner Dance Ticket Sales: $6,558.00
Dinner Dance Donations: $8,840.00
Collection through Auction items: $1,860.00
Raffle ticket sale: $735.00
Walk for Monash Children Collection: $4,143.95

We have now donated $12,394.00 to Monash Children’s Hospital and $16,703.80 to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

So what’s next?

We are now in the process of determining our fundraising ideas for the rest of 2013 and beyond. If you have any suggestions or would like to be involved in helping FOTCF reach its goals, please feel free to contact us.